Our company profile

Peninsula Metal Recycling, originally two separate businesses has been recycling on the peninsula for over 50 years.

2015 brought the amalgamation of the two businesses to one convenient location opposite the Redcliffe Refuse Centre and close to the recycling hub in the Clontarf Industrial Area.

The business owners, are local and pride themselves on a tidy, well organised depot, with two driveways, one to drive in and one to drive out. Safety is paramount and an integral part of the business. We have a clearly marked pedestrian walking area, and offloading zones area for vehicles and trucks.

Environmental Benefits

The unique nature of the business allows the reduction of the carbon footprint, reduces the amount ending up in landfill, and gives our customers some cash for unwanted metal.

Pick up service

We can offer our residential customers locally a free domestic pick up service. We also can provide bins to industry customers and a regular service of those bins free of charge.

We pick up end of life vehicles
and pay cash for complete vehicles

Got a question?

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